Semra-2042 electric/manual fruit vegetables cutter

1. Electric drive

2. Key control

3. Easy to use

4. security

5. Efficient


  • Advanced technology.
  • Food grade stainless steel material,Safe and assured
  • Come with 2 replaceable blades
  • Manual/automatic can be switched at will
  • Easy to clean, no residue
  • Suitable for home and business

A new and upgraded small and portable kitchen gadget. It is very practical and convenient in daily life. Can greatly improve the efficiency of cooking. It cuts ingredients into equal strips or cubes, both for home and commercial use.

  • Electric driver

  • Automatic/mobile switch at any time

  • Comes with 2 replaceable blades

  • Easy to clean

semra-2042 potato chips cutter

How to replace the blades?

If you just bought this product And may not know how to replace the blade, here are the steps, you can know how to replace. In practice, it is also very simple.

Suitable for a variety of fruit and vegetables

It’s great for slicing/dicing/chopping/cutting. It can meet your different needs and help you make a delicious dish better. Save time and effort, improve efficiency

semra-2042 potato chips cutter

Button control–lt can be used by young people,old people and children. It is simple,convenient, safe and easy to operate

ULTRA-LARGE CAPACITY–lt can easily accommodate the whole potato, onion, apple, etc.,more than most other french frycutting machines on the market

HIGH QUALITYDELICATE BLADEThe sharp blade can easily cutpotatoes, sweet potatoes, carrotsand other high-fiber foods. Use high-strength stainless steel material,it will not bend or break when working

FOOD-GRADE STAINLESSSTEEL BAFFLE–Robust, durable, anti-extrusion, easyto clean

ALLOY MATERIALSHELL–Robust, durable, anti-extrusion, easyto clean

Selected high-quality material

We used the high quality selected material to make this product.  They’re all safe materials and can pass all tests

semra-2042 potato chips cutter