Semra Elf X3

SEMRA ELF X3 is the third generation upgraded smart coffee table.

-130L Big capacity mini fridge

-14” Big touch screen

-Bluetooth speaker

-Colorful LED light

-Auto hydraulic uplifting

-Portable universal wheels

-Several color for optional


  • Advanced technology.
  • Amazing early warnings.
  • Buzzer and APP use.
  • Elegant curve.
  • 15mins simply DIY.
  • One powerful ADAS product.

Semra Elf X3

  • 14’’ Big touch screen

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

  • 130L Built-in Fridge

  • LED Ambient Light

  • Auto Hydraulic Uplifting

  • Portable with Universal Wheels

semra ELF X3 Smart coffee table
semra ELF X3 Smart coffee table


A pair of 3.5” Blueteeth Speakers use advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology features faster & stable signal transmission, clearer sound quality and lower power consumption. The wireless speaker has a range of about 325 feet, and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung. Best choice for enjoying music time from day to night at Home/Office/Gym/SPA/Beauty Salon/Cafe/Beer Bar/Party/Camping or BBQ.


  • Frost Free
  • 130L Large Capacity
  • Air Cooling Compressor
  • Low Noise Level 35dB
  • Temperature Control
  • 39.2°F – 48.2°F(4°C to 9°C)
Deal container for Food/Snack/Drinks/Beverage/ Beer/Wine/Makeup/Cosmetics/Face mask
semra ELF X3 Smart coffee table
semra ELF X3 Smart coffee table


Bluetooth LED controller adopts the latest Bluetooth 4 technology. Bluetooth mobile phone APP controller can directly control the turn-on and turn-off of the lamp through intelligent devices such as Android 4.3 (including 4.3), Apple (IOS) 4S 6.0 and so on, adjust the color and brightness of the lamp, and adjust various beautiful lighting effects, such as 1, 7 color gradient, all kinds of monochrome, two color gradient, all kinds of monochrome, two color, seven color frequency. Flash, colorful jump and so on.


When you want to open the smart coffee table and grab a drink, You can tightly press these two buttons to lift up or close the top cover down.

The speed of ascent and descent is relatively slow, and you don’t have to worry about it going too fast and getting hit by its top

Even so ,please also keep your fingers/hands away from the edge when it’s closed.

semra ELF X3 Smart coffee table
semra ELF X3 Smart coffee table


It’s forbidden to push upper cover for moving forward, please push the lower bottom part as picture shows.

This smart coffee table equips 3 universal wheels for portable & convenient use no matter where you are.

It is very suitable for camping and picnic outdoor , and you won’t worry you can’t move it .

Have you ever thought that if you had a smart coffee table at a barbecue, you could drink cold drinks at any time


This smart table suitable for different color which will give you more enjoyable experience.

We can also custom all kinds of colors at your demands.

semra ELF X3 Smart coffee table