Semra-2046 manual fruit vegetables cutter

1. Food grade stainless steel material

2. Replaceable blades

3. Easy to use without effort

4. Saving time and improve efficiency

5. Easy to clean

Manual potato chips cutter

2023 New kitchen chip cutter. New shape, multi-function manual cutting machine. A good cooking helper, with it, you can cut ingredients into even small pieces, improve cooking efficiency

How to use it with less effort

When in use, it will be easier to put the small area towards the exit

Circular handle

Intimate hand grip design, grasp comfortable, safe hand protection

Easy to use

We used the high quality selected material to make this product.  They’re all safe materials and can pass all tests

Anti-slip design at the bottom

The bottom is equipped with a non-slip pad, a very user-friendly design, which can prevent the tool from sliding everywhere when cutting vegetables, and use it safely

Finished product display

Whether it’s fruits or vegetables, whether it’s bars or cubes, you can use it to quickly and easily cut these ingredients into the shape shown in the picture